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Back of House Amenities/Plant

Behind every successful manufacturing area is a successful Back of House/Plant Room facility.

Allnex 'Back of House' flooring is durable, easily maintained and quick to install, providing minimum downtime and manageable disruptions, whilst ensuring these busy passage ways and service areas can be used 24/7.

  • Rapidcoat
  • Surecote 200
  • Terraflex
Back of House Amenities/Plant


Smooth, seamless, durable, non-porous, hygienic and colourful resin flooring can be used for these busiest of corridors and entrance ways.

Easy to maintain and independently certified by Fraunhoffer in Germany, allnex clean room solutions are a great choice for creating clean, safe and hygienic environments.

  • Architectural Terrazzite
  • Surecote 200SL


Areas must be designed to withstand the anticipated activities to be carried out. Surfaces must be effectively cleanable, be non-porous, be unable to harbour hacterial growth, be constructed to ensure there is no freestanding or ponding of water and to meet all workplace health and safety standards, eg non-slip.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare facilities can be extremely complex when trying to schedule maintenance or remedial works, therefore any floor topping solutions must be extremely durable and maintenance free.

allnex decorative systems have bene independently clean room certified by Fraunhoffer and used extensivley where GMP standards are required.

  • Architectural Terrazzite
  • Nuthane MD
  • Surecote 200
  • Terraflake

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