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Bathrooms & Toilets

As important to the running of a commercial facility as the public areas, bathroom flooring can make or break a facilities reputation.

allnex provide durable, easily maintained and quick to install solutions providing minimum downtime and manageable disruptions whilst ensuring these busy passage ways and service areas can be used 24/7.

  • Terraflake
Bathrooms & Toilets


Areas must be designed to withstand the anticipated activities to be carried out.

Surfaces must be effectively cleanable, be non-porous, be unable to harbour bacterial growth and meet all workplace health and safety standards eg, non-slip.

Educational classrooms also benefit from the use of decorative flooring systems that can be used to enhance the learning experience utilising vibrant colours and textures while also increasing wellbeing and enhancing the facility image amongst staff and visitors.

  • Surecote 200
  • Terraflake

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